City vs. County Move or Bust Challenge

For those of you that love a little competition or are looking for the motivation to remain or get fit this late summer, we have been invited to take on St. Louis County  in a City vs. County Move or Bust activity challenge!

What: A Six Week City vs. County and solo effort fitness challenge based on total exercise minutes per team member.. Note: City participants will be one big team competing against the County but will also have the chance to compete weekly against each other for prizes.

When: Starting August 11 and ending September 22

Why: To help stay motivated, have some fun and have the chance to win prizes including a t-shirt for all City participants for a win against the County!

How: Sign up today by linking to  and join the 6-week team-based group fitness challenge. Please feel free to forward the original invitation link to all others that wish to join the challenge. All physical activities count. The key is to do the exercise(s) of your choice and do them as often and consistently as possible!

About Daily Endorphin:

Daily Endorphin is a web-based module for creating and tracking wellness challenges.  It is currently in use by St. Louis County, and so we are going to test drive it for possible City of Duluth future challenges.  Please use the link above to create your user profile and sign up for this City vs. County Challenge.


Download the app for Daily Endorphin at:



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