Project Wellness Newsletter

At our last Wellness Lunch, Bonnie Ambrosi taught us that humans are normally designed to be in a state of relaxation but this is often far from the truth in our daily lives.  Bonnie has taught us how being stressed or relaxed affects our well-being.  She also showed us how to use breathing as a tool to alleviate stress.

Fruit Fridays
Every other Friday there will be fruit available to all employees in the DECC Business Office.  Stop by to say hello and grab your paycheck along with a healthy snack!

Wellness Skate
Have you always wanted to skate at AMSOIL but never had the chance?  Well, here it is!  On Sunday February 15, DECC Employees are welcome to skate from 2pm-3pm.  You may also bring a guest.  There will be a waiver to sign, keep in mind you must abide by the DECC’s Wellness Skating Guidelines which will be located at the rink.  Children under 18 must wear a helmet. Men’s and women’s locker rooms will be available.  If you have any question please contact the wellness coordinator.

Wellness Lunch
February 10 at 11:45am, Program Manager for the American Lung Association, Rachel Loeffler-Kemp, will present on how smoking affects the body, e-cigarettes, and offer cessation resources.

Start Walking Today!
We at the DECC are lucky to be connected to Duluth’s Indoor Skywalk System giving us direct access to a multitude of businesses. This provides us a warm place to walk on those harsh winter days.  Bring a light jacket and a friend and explore the skywalk! Walking for just 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure and sugar levels, enhance mental well-being, and reduce the risk of some cancers (

DECC Facility DECC Arena 7 Laps = 1 mile DECC Arena 21 Laps = 5KSkywalk (Round Trip) DECC to Holiday Center = ¾ mile DECC to City Hall = 1 ¼ mile DECC to Library = 1.25 mile DECC to MN Power = 1 mile

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