March Wellness Newsletter

At our last Wellness Lunch, Rachel, Program Manager at the American Lung Association, presented on the harmful effects of tobacco and e-cigarettes. Rachel also gave us cessation resources. At the next lunch, March 25th at 11:45am, our very own Tim Boettcher from the DECC ice department will present on home fire and safety. Tim is a Certified Life Safety Trainer with a Masters in Environmental Health and Safety Management and has served as a Safety Engineer for over 20 years.

Humans are mostly water, in fact, water comprises about 60% of our body weight. Every system in our body depends on water. We often take water for granted. We get busy and forget to drink which can lead to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy.

How much water do you need? Everyone is different. The Institute of Medicine determined that men should drink approximately 13 cups of fluid per day and women should drink about approximately 9 cups. The March Wellness challenge will be to drink 8 cups per day as it is easy to remember and we do absorb fluid from the foods we eat as well. If you are exercising, in hot or humid weather, in a high altitude environment, or are under the weather you should increase your fluid intake.
Source: Mayo Clinic –

Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is a powerful thing. It is capable of improving our relationships, making us happier, and attracting what we want. Saying “thank you” is more than just good manners, it is meaningful. When we are consciously aware of our blessings and are grateful for them, you are focusing more clearly on what you want in your life and thus you attract those things to stay in your life. Today, make a point to think about the things you are thankful for and make sure to share the gratitude in thanks.

Employee FREE Skate!
March 15, 2015

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