June Wellness Update

June Wellness Challenge
Take A Hike! | June 1st-30th
Log 40 miles or 10 hours of walking or hiking total for the month of June!
Submit your tracking at the end of the month to be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate!
The sun is out and Duluth is warming up. Tourists are just beginning to flock up north to enjoy Duluth’s many amenities such as attractions, history, scenic views, and extensive opportunities for outdoor adventure! We encourage you to take advantage of Duluth’s beauty and sunshine this month by going hiking or even just walking your dog.

Duluth is filled with great places to explore, right in the middle of the city. Try the Chester Creek trail system, the Lake Superior Hiking Trail, the Lakewalk, Hartley Nature Center, or Ely’s Peak. Keep in mind these are just some of many places to hike in the area! To find out more, check out the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s website. http://www.shta.org

Destination Fitness – Personal Training
Did you know, that as a DECC employee you have free access to personal trainers?! Destination Fitness is a partner of the DECC owned by personal trainers, Mike and Julie Hendrickson.
Each month Destination Fitness offers to DECC employees 6 free hour long personal training sessions. These sessions are given to employeees on a first come, first serve basis. To sign up for one, just send an email to wellness@decc.org and we will let you know if there are any available. You can decide what you want to do or learn with the trainers during your session. If you’ve signed up for a session and can’t make it DF asks that you cancel with them just 2 hours in advance and you can always reschedule!

Sydney’s Green Garden
At our last wellness lunch, Scott Vesterstein, a practiced and passionate gardener from Sydney’s Green Garden gave us the inside scoop on container gardening. Benefits of container gardening include; having a mobile garden, next to no weeding, it is easy to separate and nurse an insect infested plant, and lastly simple annual soil rotation.

Not only is container gardening easy to do, it is also beneficial for your pocketbook and the global economy. Most of commercial grocery costs come from what it takes to get the harvest to your table. These include; pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, commercial farming machinery, refridgeration, processing, warehouseing, packaging, and shipping. Food, on average, travels 1,500 miles from farm to your plate. When you grow your own food, these costs and environmental stressors decrease and many fully disappear. Plus, you know where your food it coming from and you know it is quality.

If you’re not already a gardener, container gardening is a fun and simple way to start. Even the DECC has it’s own container garden! For more information or to get started visit http://www.sydneysgreengarden.com.

~The Wellness Committee

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