July Wellness Update

When DECC Wellness first came about in 2013 we created Points Tracking, a system where DECC Employees could get fiscally rewarded for making healthy choices. Now we are two years into the program and very excited to reintroduce the revamped Healthy Hearty Holiday Challenge!

Healthy Hearty Holiday Challenge
Our 18 Week Challenge where you can earn a full 8 hour days pay just by stepping up your wellness game!

The Goal:
Earn 750 points before the game ends.

The Prize:
Those who earn 750 points will receive one paid time off day. You may use this to take a day off or cash it in for 8 hours of pay at your regular hourly wage. See your supervisor with questions on how you may use your paid day off. The paid time off day must be used before December 31, 2015, the prize cannot be rolled over into the following year.

Who is Eligible:
All DECC Employees are eligible to participate and achieve the prize.

How it Works:
The challenge runs from July 17th through November 21st. You will be provided a weekly tracking sheet (Sunday – Saturday) that must be turned in each following Monday. Sheets are available in the Business Office, in the Wellness Center, online here, or with your supervisor. You can turn in your weekly sheet electronically via email to wellness@decc.org or physically to the Business Office Receptionist. All sheets must be turned in by 5:00PM on November 23, 2015. On the tracking sheet you will account for the points you’ve earned that week. Points are divided into four categories. DECC Participation Points, Daily Habits, Bonus Points, and Behavior Changes.

Bonus! Weekly Participant Drawing:
Don’t forget to turn in your weekly tracking sheet each Monday. On the following Tuesday we will pull one tracking sheet to win a $10 Subway Gift Card!

July Wellness Challenge
Stretch! | July 1-31
Do a daily stretch. Stretch before you work, during your break time, when you wake, or go all out and do a yoga session.
Stretching has many benefits other than increased flexibility; including increased coordination, range of movement, circulation, and energy levels.

~The Wellness Committee

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