January Wellness Update

With the New Year starting up and the holidays winding to a close, now is a great time to get started on those New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s trying to eat healthier, exercise more, read more books, or whatever it is you wish to achieve; try to set up a routine early that you think you can stick to. Remember, it only takes thirty days to make something a habit so be sure to stick it out! Also try to take advantage of the DECC Bridge Club workout room to help you achieve your fitness goals! If you can’t seem to make it to the Bridge club don’t fret for there is plenty of snow you can be shoveling as you battle this Hoth like winter we have. Keep in mind that shoveling is great exercise that you can only do for a limited time before summer hits again in six months!

Destination Fitness – Personal Training
Did you know, that as a DECC employee you have free access to personal trainers?! Destination Fitness is a partner of the DECC owned by personal trainers, Mike and Julie Hendrickson.
Each month Destination Fitness offers to DECC employees 6 free hour long personal training sessions. These sessions are given to employeees on a first come, first serve basis. To sign up for one, just send an email to wellness@decc.org and we will let you know if there are any available. You can decide what you want to do or learn with the trainers during your session. If you’ve signed up for a session and can’t make it DF asks that you cancel with them just 2 hours in advance and you can always reschedule!

Fruit Fridays
Every other Friday on payday will be fruit available to all employees in the DECC Business Office. Enjoy!

Wellness Skate
Have you always wanted to skate at AMSOIL but never had the chance? Well, here it is! On Sunday January 31st, you are welcome to skate from 3pm-5pm.You may also bring a guest. There will be a waiver to sign, keep in mind you must abide by the DECC’s Wellness Skating Guidelines which will be located at the rink. Children under 18 must wear a helmet. Men and women’s locker rooms will be available. If you have any question please contact the wellness coordinator.

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