Wellness | Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

At last week’s Wellness Luncheon our speaker, Michelle Russell, Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, presented the What, Why, and How of Wellness: Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle.  By request, Michelle has provided a copy of her full PowerPoint presentation.  The PDF version can be downloaded here: creating-and-sustaining-a-healthy-lifestyle.pdf

The steps to Creating and Sustaining a Health Lifestyle:

  1. Write it down!
    Your goal (WHAT) and motivation (WHY)
  2.  Set up your support system
  3. Refuse to make excuses
  4. Make simple healthy swaps
  5. Accountability: 30-day challenge – Buddy system
  6. Be prepared
  7. Put yourself on your calendar
  8. Blend – vs – Balance
  9. Journal your progress
  10. Avoid guilt by using the 80/20 Rule

Thank you, Michelle, for an informative and inspiring presentation!

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