Dolly Thygeson


Concessions Manager
Committee Position: Member
Term Start Date: August 2019

I am originally from Duluth and grew up out in Gary near Boyscout Landing, right before you hit Fond Du Lac and Jay Cooke State Park.

I live out in Lakewood Township with my fiancé Ben, son Camden, our two dogs Meg and Juno, a giant Maine Coon named Tobi (so basically we have three dogs), and all of our bees. We are out in the country, but we are also next door to my partner’s parents, as well as their family business, so it’s ALWAYS busy around our house and full of extended and immediate family. Because of that family business, we are also next door to a working gravel pit, so we spend most evenings during the nicer weather months looking for agates.

As mentioned above we do a lot of agate picking. My partner says I am a collector of hobbies. In my free time my hobbies include: multiple book clubs, camping, rock crawling and off-roading, hiking, making rope ottomans and furniture, and I dabble in almost every craft you could think of (vinyl, stained glass, coloring, floral arrangement, painting, etc). I’m also involved in scouts through my son and have been a den leader for the past 4 years.

Some facts about me:

  • I have a degree in Speech Communications and Rhetoric with a minor in Gender and Equity Studies.
  • I am the only person I know that has no fear of public speaking ( I know that’s super weird).
  • I consider myself a whovian, a scyfy junkie, and a strong supporter of the non neurotypical community.

I started at the DECC in 2016 as an MOD and am now a Concessions Manager. I like that the Wellness Program is constantly evolving and changing. It covers a wide area of things and is really inclusive to all DECC employees. Everyone can find something of interest!


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