Julie Hendrickson


I began my fitness journey as an 8 year old. That was the year I began participating in running races and scored a whole 4 points in my first basketball season. Come 7th grade, I was able to play basketball and run track for Duluth East. The next year, I added volleyball. After high school, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my volleyball career at good old UMD. I will never forget my first off season weight training session with Annie Sitek (the first time I had ever lifted) She was a senior and a LOT stronger than I…Needless to say, I couldn’t move the next day. Learning to lift free weights in college proved to be the most beneficial skill I left with. During those years, fitness was easy!!! Being told what to do and when to do it, made things simple.

Next Chapter: Motherhood: Uh oh. No longer was I being told what to do and how to do it. After having two kids, I was struggling with my fitness. The weight gain wasn’t too bad, but I just didn’t know WHAT to do. In January 2008, while also getting pregnant with #3, we decided to join the YMCA. They help people with their membership fees if they cannot afford payment. With me being a stay at home mom and Mike a truck-driver, we were broke!! I spent the first month in the weight room, where I was comfortable, and thought I was getting in pretty good shape. Next thing I know, I am invited to join a bootcamp class and I went. Ok, I guess I wasn’t in such great shape. People 3 times my age were killing me. BOO. Nevertheless, I was an athlete darn it, and I worked hard to get back at it. I loved classes! It brought me back to being part of a team. I worked out hard all throughout my pregnancy and cruised through labor and delivery. Yay to getting back in the gym 2 weeks later.

Next Chapter: Class Instructor: Anna McGee (instructor at the YMCA) believed in me… I guess. She taught me how to instruct BOSU Challenge. I was hooked on teaching. I was hooked on helping people feel awesome/exhausted.

Next Chapter: Triathlete: We thought that Steve and Angel Hohenstein were gods. They were triathletes and we wanted in. We had found a new challenge. I still remember my first group ride and asking Angel how long it would take before my legs would stop burning. She said “never, you just get used to it.” Awesome, sign me up. I raced several years at the Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman distances, as well as participating in some local half marathons, and found it very challenging and liberating. I generally placed in the top 10% and was happy with that. I love triathlon and am excited to race again.

Next Chapter: Personal Trainer:  I was ready to help people in a more intimate way. Personal training was the vehicle. After studying hard, I became a certified personal trainer for the YMCA. One day, my client Nicole asked me to come to her house. I told her that YMCA policy wouldn’t allow that, but it got me thinking. I wondered if there were more people out there who needed a trainer to come to their home, and hence, Destination Fitness was born.

Next Chapter: Destination Fitness:  Apparently there was a great need for an in home personal trainer. God had set us on the right path and even helped us obtain our own studio. I love being a part of everyone’s success. Just a part…because we can’t do it all.

Certifications Held: Personal Trainer, Yoga Specialty, Kettlebell Specialty, Group Fitness Instructor