Lexi Archambeau


William A. Irvin Museum Director

Committee Position: Member
Term Start Date: March 2020
Term Expiration: February 2022

I was born in Miami FL, but grew up in Superior WI. I went to Superior High School and graduated from UWS in 2019. I started working at the DECC when I was 16 as a tour guide on the Irvin (back in 2011). I have loved working at the DECC and love being in the tourism industry. The Haunted Ship is one of my favorite parts about working with Irvin. It allows for so much creativity and I love how excited the community gets about it every year.

Some facts about myself are that I love bowling, I am even in two bowling leagues. I also do inline skating and race in the Northshore inline races. I love watching scary movies and all things haunted. Growing up I was in figure skating and competed in the Northland Figure Skating Competition every year!

My favorite part about the wellness program is seeing DECC employees come together and encourage each other to work on their goals.


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