Phil McLoughlin


Director of Building Services

Committee Position: Co-Captain
Term Start Date: August 2017
Term Expiration: January 2021

Where I Grew Up:
I grew up in the friendly west end of Duluth. 2217 West 5th Street. You could see Lake Superior from the bay window and smell the sweet aroma of Johnson’s Bakery wafting up the hillside. The winters were long and cold but the warmth of family allowed us to endure.

Family Life:
Family Life you say….. I live in West Duluth with my girlfriend Ronni and our cat Mr. Boots (many call him Boots but he is insistent upon the prefix).

When I Started at the DECC:
I began working at the Omni Max Theatre when I was sixteen years old after bouncing around lumber camps in the North Western United States for a few years. I began at the Theatre as an usher and worked my way to Manager/Projectionist.

Interests or Hobbies:
I am working on gaining interests and hobbies. Currently I play guitar to pass the time and I often consider picking up reading.

Random Facts about Myself: 

  • I have never had a job outside of Canal Park.
  • I enjoy original jelly beans with the exception of white, pink, green, and yellow.
  • Played fourth fest in 2017.
  • I was a child actor. I appeared in commercials for MN Power and Economy Garages. This is, of course, before my looks faded.
  • I was also number 378 on the runner up list fo​r plate spinners for the Ringling Circus before it was shut down.

Favorite Part of the Wellness Program:
The best part of the wellness group is the coming together of the different departments for our various events. Also, the challenges. Step challenges seem to bring out the competitive nature in everyone.


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