Renae Matt


Executive Assistant

Committee Position: Wellness Coordinator
Term Start Date: December 2016

At the DECC I spend the majority of my time typing, filing, updating, brainstorming, designing, and I also work on some pretty random projects. My time outside of work varies from really fun things to super boring, every-day tasks. I enjoy traveling up the shore, driving back home to visit family, and spending game nights with friends, but it isn’t abnormal to find me chilling at home for a movie night either.

I grew up in a tiny town near the center of MN with 6 sisters and 4 brothers. I spent a good chunk of time in my young life on stage for choirs or community theater performances, which is odd since I was a very shy child (and can still be as an adult).  I married my husband, Tony, the summer of 2009 and we lived in St. Cloud until our move to Duluth in 2016.  Seeing the Lake every time I come to work has yet to get old.

I enjoy the wide range of wellness we reach with our program at the DECC. Since we not only focus on physical health, but also financial, mental, social, and even environmental, it makes it fun to collaborate with the committee for future ideas.  The goal is to continue offering exciting events and challenges so more of you will join us!


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