There are times when handouts or other information is made available to us during Wellness Lunches or other events.  (Click here if you’re looking for upcoming events.) When we receive these resources, we post them below! ↓↓


Wellness Lunch on 8.9.2018
Bonnie Ambrosi, long-time yoga instructor, vegan columnist at the Duluth News Tribune, and organizer of Duluth’s Vegan Cookbook Club at the Mount Royal Library presented the topic of veganism, it’s benefits, why people do it, and ways to incorporate it into your own lifestyle.

Take a look at a few of Bonnie’s recipes here:
Angel’s Chickpea Scramble
Basic Scrambled Chickpeas
Carrot Hot Dogs
Summer Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad
Apples with Peanut Butter Hummus

Wellness Lunch on 6.4.2018

Dr. Kyle Severson joined us to discuss the basic benefits of chiropractic care, the importance of quality health, and ways we can achieve that.

Be sure to take a look at his website Wilderness Wellness Chiropractic if you’d like to meet with him about how he can help you attain your best health.

**LIMITED TIME** Dr. Kyle Severson has offered DECC employees the opportunity to make an appointment with him for only $20.  (It says it expires June 4th, but he said he will honor it if you call now through June 8th, 2018.)

DECC Talk Special


Sandcreek-Logo-Jan-2016.pngWellness Lunch on 5.21.2018
Bob Lyman joined us from Sand Creek to let us know some of the many benefits we have available through our employee assistance program.

Check out the information about Sand Creek EAP any time by visiting the page on our website. Click here to see it!


Wellness Lunch on 3.20.2018
Bryan French, a former DECC employee and now the Director of the Duluth Folk School spoke about what is happening in the Craft District of Lincoln Park!  He presented different classes that they offer to find new hobbies while working with your hands or learning a craft or skill.  These unique opportunities are a great way to find peace of mind in our overly connected world.

Stop by their website at http://www.duluthfolkschool.com to see what is happening!

Wellness Lunch on 1.24.2018
Stacey Greenside from Destination Fitness and http://www.StaceyGreenside.org talked about the struggles of losing weight and how changing the way you approach food can make a difference in your attitude and overall health!

See her full presentation, including yummy recipes: Stacey’s Presentation