Keeping you safe is a priority. Getting your input helps us do that! If you have questions regarding safety, please discuss them with your Department Supervisor or contact Joe Tarnowski, Director of Operations, at

Safety Opportunities

Any DECC employee can complete our Safety Opportunity Form to inform the DECC Safety Committee of unsafe behaviors, situations, or environments that they observe in the workplace. Employees can submit any information they feel is leading to an unsafe work environment from working with improper footwear, to slippery floors, or other hazards.

BONUS: Each submission will earn a minimum of 5 points towards your Wellness PTO totals. For more information on the Wellness PTO program, click here. Number of submissions is not limited.

Safety Opportunity Forms:
Printable Form
Electronic Form

Maintenance Repair

As you know, we have a large building. This means we need your help making sure we keep things in tip-top shape. We know you use care when handling equipment or rounding corners with carts, but if you notice something that needs to be added to our Maintenance Team’s to-do list, please fill out the forms below to get them the info.

Maintenance Repair Request Forms:
Printable Form: Maintenance Repair Request Form
Electronic Form: